Monday, 27 April 2009

Time to get lost

My self portraits are going to reflect feelings of being lost.

I plan at the moment to photograph myself lost in various locations; from desolate places such as woods, fields, open empty spaces, streets. And then (*hopefully)in busy places; train stations, streets, bars.

My I will be the same in all my images; same clothes, pose, expression... this will link the series together. I am currently imagining standing facing the camera, centrally. I'll be wearing just underwear, maybe blindfolded to illustrate the sense of loneliness/vulnerability.

The busy places will involve a slow shutter speed of about 15 seconds to suggest a long period of time, I should be still in the image with people and other things motion blurred around me.

I may need an assistant, if only to help me avoid looking like a lunatic.
* I say hopefully, as it's in these places I am gonna look like a lunatic setting up a tripod and photographing myself!

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