Friday, 24 April 2009

Beauty Survey

I have decided to survey my friends and fellow students on what they think are three beautiful words to them; in terms of phonetics rather than meaning. I am also interested in what beautiful means to them in terms of other senses. Here is the survey I sent to them:

Hello, if you could spare a few moments to complete this survey for my next project then I would be grateful! Thanks.
I am conducting a survey on beauty and our senses. This is stemmed from the idea that according to J.R.R. Tolkien, that Cellar Door is a combination of words in the English language thought to have an especially beautiful sound. Not from meaning, so the words could be spelled in these ways, to eradicate meaning, enabling the mind to just hear them as sound: Celador, Selador.
I am particularly interested in the phonetics of words, and what words in the English language are beautiful.

A. What three words sound beautiful to you? Number one being the most beautiful. These words should not be judged on meaning, just based purely on how they sound.

B. To you, what is the most beautiful sound?

C. To you what is the most beautiful sight?

D. To you what is the most beautiful taste?

E. To you what is the most beautiful feeling?

F. To you what is the most beautiful smell?

G. Do any of the answers above link together in any way to you? If yes then how?

Thanks for completing my survey; I will feedback results to those who complete it.


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